What is White-Hat SEO?

White-Hat-SEO refers to search engine optimization processes that respect search engine guidelines. White-Hat-SEO refers to procedures within Denver search engine optimization (SEO) that follow the guidelines of search engine operators such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing and therefore do not violate them. The term White-Hat-SEO originally comes from English and is composed of the terms “White-Hat” and “SEO”, which means as much as search engine optimization.

This term was probably chosen in the style of a classic scene in old Western movies: Two cowboys face each other and are about to duel. The evil cowboy wears a black hat and the good cowboy a white hat. Therefore the good natured activities in the context of search engine optimization are called White-Hat-SEO.

The content of White-Hat-SEO

Basically, search engine optimization aims to make your website rank better in organic search results. And while Black Hat SEO is an exaggeration of these efforts and is characterised by the use of intensive spam practices such as the use of doorway pages, Russian links, cloaking or redirections, White Hat SEO distances itself from these spam practices and fully complies with the guidelines of the search engines. According to a Denver SEO company in Colorado, it is imperative today to focus on a clean methodology and strategies.

In general, white-hat SEO is primarily used when website operators want to make their online presence searchable for their users via search engines in the long run. This is because the search engine guidelines can be easily adhered to through natural link formation via high-quality content. However, the room for manoeuvre beyond onpage optimization is rather limited here. This is why many online marketers with their SEO activities are often in the area of so-called Grey-Hat-SEO. This means that although they do not violate guidelines through possible spam practices, they do try to improve their ranking position through targeted links to external websites, for example. This is also not welcome by search engines, but is still tolerated rather than activities within the Black Hat SEO.

Ways to get natural links

In order for a method to be natural, make sure not to overdo them and maintain a high quality standard on everything you put online that has your link attached.

1. Forums

Forums are perfect for you and you should definitely sign up in a few thematically related forums. If your blog is about dogs you will surely find forums for dog owners, animal lovers or about similar topics. Here you will not only find an ideal audience, but you can also collect ideas for future articles on your blog. Refresh your knowledge, take part in discussions and take notes of frequently asked questions from other members.

To bring them to your blog you have to lure them with information. Whenever someone asks a question that is answered on your blog, you can make them aware of it. If you leave a link, you will not only generate new visitors, but also create a thematically relevant link. This will help you to achieve better rankings in Google & Co. But make sure that you follow the forum rules and do not spam. Make sure that you offer everyone an added value and are not just out for your own good.

2. Question and answer portals

The Internet is perfectly suited for obtaining information free of charge. In question and answer portals people can ask questions to the community and hope afterwards for a founded and detailed answer. If you find a question here which is answered on your blog, this is a jackpot. On the one hand the questioner will be very happy, because hardly anyone will take the trouble to answer his question as detailed as your blog and on the other hand you will again provide for new visitors. Moreover, a link on such a portal is very valuable and makes your blog appear very important in the eyes of search engines.

3. Blog comments

You probably won’t run the only blog in your subject area. It makes sense to check out the competition and learn from it. This will give you new ideas for content, design and promotion. Every blog owner is happy when his texts are read and readers leave a comment. Most blogs offer you the opportunity to place a link when commenting. If you manage to arouse the interest of other readers, you have a chance that they will follow your link to your blog.